5 Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement

5 Signs Your Winnipeg Roof Needs Replacement

Every homeowner knows that regular maintenance of your home is critical to protecting your biggest investment.

A roof is usually the largest line item on a homeowner’s repair list, sometimes averaging more than $10,000. While it is something you hope will last a lifetime, nature and wear can drastically change a roof’s lifespan in the blink of an eye.

For this reason, it is important to be able to tell if you are going to need a new one soon. You should get new roofing for your home after you see the following signs:


1. Missing Shingles:

The most obvious sign your roof needs a replacement is missing shingles. If you have shingles missing it could be from poor quality material, a storm that took a toll on the outdoors of your home, or age.

Here in Winnipeg, it might be tough to find out if some shingles are missing during the long winters, while snow is covering your entire roof. We highly recommend taking a look at your roof right after the snow melts, and deciding whether a replacement is required.


2. Leaks inside your living space:

Leaks inside your living space can be an early sign that your roof needs replacement. Common signs of roof leaks include: discoloured, wet patches on the shingles or tiles on the roof, holes in the insulation, missing or loose covers on rafters or girders and missing or damaged sheathing. If any of these issues are left unaddressed, they can lead to serious problems down the line.

Noticing those leaks early enough might save you precious time and prevent any more serious damage. Looking at your ceiling every once in a while, might be help you catch those problems when they’re still small.


3. Fading paint on the roof:

Paint worn off the roof is not only unsightly but it’s also an obvious sign that the roof needs replacing.

The front area of your roof is one of the most vulnerable areas for damage. When you notice fading paint on this area, you should visually check for any other damages to the roof such as missing shingles and shingle edges. These can both be signs that your roof could be more susceptible to roof damage. Give yourself plenty of time and give yourself plenty of options to speed up the process of replacing your damaged roof.


4. Curling or buckling shingles:

If you notice your shingles have shifted, or if they are not holding up as well as they used to, your roof should be replaced.

If your shingles are bent or have cracks, does that mean the roof needs replacing? It can be a total warning sign that something needs to be done about your roof. Ripping, tearing, or buckling of shingles can be caused by many different issues and it’s important to identify the root cause of these issues before you begin the expensive process of replacing your roof.


5. Chimneys are slanted rather than vertical:

Sometimes minor curling in your roof might not be visible to the naked eye, especially if you don’t have a clear view for your or roof, or if it’s covered with snow.

Take a look at your chimneys and see if they are not vertical as they once were. Noticing slanted or angled chimneys might be a sign that the roof has shifted, moved, or is no longer straight as before. This might be an early sign to check your roof and see if it needs replacement.

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